I’m hungry.

It’s 7:30 pm, I haven’t eaten since 4, and I want to punch James Altucher for suggesting that skipping dinner was an effective way to release weight. Well, I also want to shake his hand and thank him for the advice. Somehow, skipping dinner has been difficult, but far easier than any other diet I’ve tried. It’s also produced noticeable improvements in my figure (though I am not yet thin). This is important since I have a deadline coming up and the Universe demands that I meet it.

The end.

Just kidding. What is this deadline, you ask? I, Savanna Steele, am to have developed a healthy, fit, slim body by February 28, 2017 (originally, I selected February 30th, and then remembered that date never existed, but I could do with more time). This is the statement I have been writing down daily for the past month and a half, along with several other statements, the most important one being, “I, Savanna Steele, have achieved Financial Independence by December 30, 2017, or sooner.” This means that I will have developed enough income from alternative revenue streams that, if I wanted to, I could say good bye to my day job and not worry about paying the bills. 

Where have i gotten so far with building alternative sources of cash flow? So far, not far, in that I have nothing coming in.  One might say that the goal of achieving “FI” (as the mad “Fientist” refers to it) is lofty, but I remain convinced that if I continue to write my goal down every day, I will some how make it come true (God willing). This is why I sit here typing and starving. If I cannot meet my goal of developing a healthy, fit, slim body by February 28th, then I might lose faith in the strategy of writing down my goals, and I might have to face the reality that FI is further away than the end of this year. I will report back on February 28th with news, good or bad. Wish me luck!                                                                                       -Savanna Steele

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