My wife always asks: What EXACTLY do you want for Christmas?

Here's the problem. I am a 40-year-old nerd that rarely ever "needs" anything and if a "need" arises (usually in the form of podcast/fitness equipment), I typically just buy it. This frustrates the hell out of my wife because she never knows what to get me. My answer is usually "I'll love whatever you get" but she calls my BS. 

I'm sure there are other folks in the same situation! So I decided to put together a quick list of things I would love to get under the tree. If your significant other is a nerd like me who loves cool things and enjoys fitness, health, and tech... these gifts will be a hit! 

Top Five Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

1. The Mini Museum


Let's start things off with getting our geek on! I got my first Mini Museum a few years ago for Christmas/Birthday. Yes, I one of those folks who get combined gifts due to the fact that my birthday is one week before Christmas. Some would think this is a bad thing but I disagree. it usually means folks are willing to spend a few extra bucks on a combined gift and this results in really cool gifts like the Mini Museum!

What is a Mini Museum? It is a clear resin block containing fascinating specimens from around the world personally collected by its creator, Hans Fex. The current iteration (Mini Museum 3) contains ancient Egyptian Papyrus, a Viking ax, a piece of Steve Jobs iconic turtleneck, various fossils, and even a piece of Prince Charles' and Lady Diana's wedding cake! (just to name a few). This was one of my favorite gifts of all time and it inspires imagination and awe from all my friends and family who pay the 25 cent cover charge to see it ;-)

(Oh, and I interviewed Hans Fex a few times on the show. Check out his latest appearance here.

You can buy your very own mini-museum here! 

2. Kettlebells


If the person you're shopping for is a fan of health and fitness, I highly recommend buying them a kettlebell. Unless you've been spending time off the grid, in an underground bunker (avoiding crossfitters) you should have heard of these nasty little beasts by now. They are basically cannonballs with handles. I love them because of their compact versatility. Just one 30 lb kettlebell can be enough to beat that soft squishy office body into a Spartan soldier! I keep a 45lb and 25lb kettlebell under my desk at work. Sometimes all it takes is getting up and doing 10 kettlebell swings every hour to knock you back into shape! They're not that expensive

Here are some kettlebells over at Amazon for a great price!

3. Steel Mace


While we're on health and fitness, you can't have a kettlebell without a matching steel mace to boot! What kind of soft-skinned-desk-jockey are you you shopping for anyway?! If your significant other wouldn't know which side of a hammer to grab onto then maybe consider a steel mace. Again, these babies tuck away in the corner of your office and getting up once an hour to swing away like John Henry will have you tearing the palms off every person you shake hands with! Just start slowly... these can be dangerous. On a serious note, I rehabbed my bad shoulders back to health with a 15lb mace.

Here are some Steel maces over at Amazon!

4. Books


I mean... They're books. I'm pretty sure I don't have to talk these up, do I? If you are leveling-up your "savageness" by swinging around some iron and steel then why not work-out your mind as well?

If you really know the person you're buying for then pick a topic and go to Amazon. If you follow my link then you'll help support the podcast!

5. Coffee Booster

coffee booster.jpg

I know, I know... this is totally random but I LOVE thi stuff! I've been on the high-fat/low-carb eating style lately and found this to be the key to sustained energy throughout my mornings. You incorporate this into a modified fasting protocol. And if you really want to freak out co-workers then come to the morning sipping on a coffee mixed with a heaping spoonful of grass-fed butter and coconut oil! They'll say "You're putting WHAT in your coffee?" and chide you for being "unhealthy". But you've read the aforementioned books and snicker as you sip away watching them stuff their faces with bagels and donuts.

Coffee Booster is very tasty and I drink this 3-4 times a week. It's not cream and sugar and will take a bit of getting used to but once you switch to this way of drinking coffee, you'll be hard pressed to go back.

The images below contain links to Coffee Booster. I added an electric mixed which is a must for mixing it in. You just can't do it with a spoon!