I think these sets are pretty cool. Strap them across your back yard and flame the sh$t out of your legs in not time! I was surprised by much my balance board lit up my lower body and my core muscles and I'm sure these would do the same. 

This might be one of those things you do in private because if you'll need years of practice before you'll impress anyone!

Balance Board

Like unicycles and juggle sticks - balance boards are some of the best tools for contraception for obvious reasons.

Other than that, I do in fact balance on one of these at least 5 days a week for 10-15 minutes a go. I have terrible balance and yoga wasn't enough to remedy the situation. This guy fires up the central nervous system and I've noticed measurable improvement to my grace ;-)

Tap Into Your Hippie

I know, I know, from Steel Maces to yoga mats? How about a little consistency!? Are we primates or butterflies?!

I owe a lot of my newly found shoulder mobility to downward dog position and bear walks. If your joints are as rusty as mine, I suggest you get on the mat at least 3 times a week or risk looking like John McCain/ Bernie Sanders hybrid on the campaign trail. 

Yoga Wheel

So, I am about a flexible as a democrat debating the 2nd Amendment! Bending, twisting, flexing are not part of my vocabulary despite years of opening my joints (albeit I've improved tremendously).

These yoga wheels give a ton of support, more so than the blocks (IMHO).  

Cut the Tension

There are plenty of jokes that can be made about how ridiculous this contraption looks and what absurd things this can be used for. I for one label this the best purchase over the past 5 years. 

Trigger spots are indeed medically real! I was surprised when I read the evidence that they exist. The are tight muscle fibers hindering circulation and creating pain which radiates. Take this contraption and dig it into those spots - yes, it should hurt. This will improve circulation and release the knots. I use mine EVERYDAY.  

Bodylastics Resistance Bands

I am on my second set of these in over 10 years! My first set suffered from dry rot as I left them in the garage for multiple NC summers. Don't do that! These bands are the absolute best on the market bar none! They are well made and snap-proof! Pick up a set for less than $100 and you have NO EXCUSE not to get a workout in while on the road. They are guaranteed for life and their customer service is spot on. They also have Live Exercise programs ( so you always have a fresh program

Wobble Boards

I was watching Tom Vs Time on Facebook a few weeks ago and he was getting worked-over by his trainer. He said something that I agree with: "The more you contract a muscle, the shorter it gets."

When I threw a football at the age of 35, I used to groan with tightness. Now that I hang on my pull-up bars, do yoga and use my foam roller, at 41 I let the ball fly with little afterthought. 

Granddad's Secret

Granddad's across the planet go old school and it works! Do you know why? Because granddads are old! And if you reach the honorable state of being called an "Old Man" than you've done something right. So if you're whining because you're overweight, tired and out of shape, old man-up, grab a jump rope and get to it!