Fitness Straps

Years ago I had the official TRX straps back when I deployed and brand name is going to cost some $$$ (anywhere from $100-$200 last I checked). These are a great and simple idea! Keep in mind, the cheaper version (pictured) is going to give you the same killer workout anytime/anywhere. Caution when shaking people's hands after use as you will most likely leave them with bloody stumps!

Pick up a set! You won't regret it.

Kettle Bells

I Promised my self I would never say it... but... here it goes: Kettlebells are the Godfather of... (ready for it)... FUNCTIONAL FITNESS!

I really don't know how else to describe a kettlebell workout! It works your grip strength, cardio, flexibility, and core strength. They're small yet pack a punch! I like the adjustable bells for versatility in my workout! I suggest checking out Onnit's Primal Bells! They're $$$ but cool AF!

Again, no excuses!

Steel Mace

Now for the most badass fitness tool of them all! The ever versatile Steel Mace! I have bad shoulders thanks to a couple rough landings in the desert. I was sure that I was heading straight to the OR for some reconstruction till I stumbled upon the therapeutic effects of the Steel Mace. This is essentially a shot-put mounted on the end of a steel pipe that you swing around! My wife and kids were terrified of me for quite a while and I was forced to the backyard for fear of accidental destruction. Destruction is still a possibility with the mace... but it won't be accidental ;-)

Pull-Up Bar

There is not much to say about this essential piece of primal excellence! Hook it on your door frame, grab onto the bar and pull yourself up... repeat! Millions of Marines can't be wrong. 

I also like to hang from it for 30 seconds to 2 minutes at a time. I read somewhere that it can open your subacromial space and reduce impingement much like the way braces move your teeth in the jawbone. Hey, I am willing to try anything to avoid the OR!

Get a Grip

Our grandfathers had to carry rusty chunks of sharp steel through Nazi machine-gun fire just to eat breakfast, it's no wonder they weep when they feel the rose-petal-soft skin of our marshmallow grips. I once saw a "man" getting a manicure and his hands were soaking in a dish with flower petals and perfume. The spike in blood pressure I experienced assuredly took years off my life but it doesn't have to happen to you! I found a solution! Good old fashioned grip strengtheners! Put them in your desk, in your glove box, on your coffee table. Use them while you're getting a mani... a manicu... nope, can't say it.

Now we can still work in an office but have the grip of our ancestors!

Arms Race

Battle ropes! I am not sure why they are called "battle ropes" but who cares?! Put the word "battle" in front of "purse" and you'd be damn sure I'd be carrying a "battle purse"! If you've never tried these, your life has no meaning! Grip the loose ends for a HIIT workout that'll have you weeping in no time! Do this for a year and maybe... MAYBE... your ancestors will allow you entrance to Valhalla. 

This set is great and it comes with an anchor.

Wobble Boards

Caution balance boards are guaranteed to decrease your reproductive capabilities as no one in their right mind would want to reproduce with a fool standing on one! BUT... what happens in private ;-) Balance boards are a level-up from those weekday warriors who claim they are somehow superior athletic specimens because they stand at their desk! Try standing on a chariot while fighting dragons! Because that's how you will feel after adding this little guy to your primal prescription of excellence! One more exclamation point!

Steel Bell

One of my favorite pieces of workout gear also happens to be the simplest. Like I've said before, I'm kinda busy but I like to get a workout in at least 5-6 times a week and sometimes that means getting creative. This piece is called a Steel Bell and it's basically a neoprene bag fill with shot. It is clumsy to hold and shifts a lot so it can lead to a very active workout. Toss it, slam it, grab it and get your sweat on (that wasn't meant to sound sexual).

My Favorite Piece DIY Workout Gear And How You Can Easily Make One Too!

One of my favorite pieces of workout gear also happens to be the simplest. Like I've said before, I'm kinda busy but I like to get a workout in at least 5-6 times a week and sometimes that means getting creative. This set up is about 15 years old and it consists of my old Air Force break bag (complete with C-130 oil stain); a canvas tool bag (given to me by my Flight Engineer); and 50 lbs of sandbox sand, wrapped in an industrial trash bag and a few layers of duct tape. Put on the pack and do push-ups, pull-ups, take it out of the pack and throw it over your shoulder for squats, presses, swings. The possibilities are literally endless. 

2018-03-15 11.52.01.jpg
Hand for REFERENCE. "i got Big hands Uge hands!"

Hand for REFERENCE. "i got Big hands Uge hands!"

2018-03-15 11.52.28.jpg

Here is the stuff to build you own (I'd recommend picking up sand at Lowes or HD for like $3-$4 a bag) :